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Swift -Test Automation Framework
Testing is no stranger to the current business environment of increasingly shortened cycles and deviously mounting budget pressures. To combat, or merely survive in such an environment, Test Automation has been seen as one of the strategic weapons to facilitate the delivery of quality software.
Mastek's Performance Testing Framework
Performance Testing Overview: There have been significant changes in software development that have forced the industry to rethink performance testing and how it is conducted.
Get MORE from your CORE
Insurance carriers need to be better prepared to face the unique modern challenges of the Asian insurance business. This whitepaper gives tips on how to avoid the IT traps and how to get the most from investments to create business impact.
Mastek’s Govt Initiatives
Innovation in IT
Why would you need Innovation in custom made, made to order, bespoke IT development? More importantly how do you carry out innovation in area of custom made, made to order, and bespoke IT development?
Innovation Management
Choice of IT Solutions for core business administration process. A presentation by Sudhakar Ram (CMD and Group CEO, Mastek Ltd).
Upside Strategies for a Changing Market
The high growth opportunities of tomorrow require more granular strategies, product design and pricing. Solutions that create efficiency and agility today while providing a platform to fuel future innovation and growth provide the value proposition and create the “tipping point” where IT becomes a strategic business partner.
Data Dilemma
Mastek’s 2011 Data Privacy Research reveals dereliction of duty for data protection in the UK.

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