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Work @ Mastek

Work @ Mastek

Why become a Mastekeer?

Mastek is a global software company with a difference. We are a company focussed on delivering value to our clients and this is the basic principle that drives us – to create a discernable difference to our client's business and to be the best at what we do, rather than strive to be the biggest.

Meet the people who make us tick, be part of our culture and explore our world of endless possibilities. Whether you are a graduate with world-changing ideas, a seasoned professional with knowledge and experience to share or an ambitious hunter for new business penetration, see how you can make a difference working at Mastek.

At Mastek we work on building world class, enterprise grade products in modern technologies as well as modernization programs that require 'insightful solutioning' and deep understanding of business and leading technologies. These applications power critical programmes in government, financial services, retail and healthcare all over the world.

Our culture of collaboration and teamwork across geographic and organizational boundaries sets us apart while allowing ample scope for individual performance to be recognized and rewarded.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, not just a job, come talk to us.

For more information, you may get in touch with:

+91 22 6695-2222


Been with Mastek 8 years. Met wonderful people (including my husband!) and made great friends. What a ride!

- Kavita Desai

Strong business culture, deep-rooted values, great people, empowerment, happy customers, flexible, progressive, innovative

- Olympia D'Souza