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Alumni Speak

Alumni Speak

Mastek provides one of the most exciting places to work in the world. Read what our former employees had to say about their time in Mastek.

Remember, you may take a Mastekeer out of Mastek, but never Mastek out of a Mastekeer!


At Mastek, it was all about teamwork. But at the same time, I was allowed to operate things on my own too. Mastek gave us the belief that we can take on the world.

Ravi Govil, Ex-Mastekeer

My four years at Mastek gave me a global exposure in terms of software. When I started my own business, the knowledge and skills gained at Mastek gave me a different outlook altogether.

Rathnakar Shetty, Ex-Mastekeer

I look at Mastek not as a company but as an institution, because the kind of training I received here was really good. At a steady pace, I have been inducted into leadership roles too.

Amay Pande, Ex-Mastekeer

Most IT companies have a subdued environment where hierarchy plays an important role. Mastek is an exception and here there is a huge difference in the work culture and ethics. Everyone is easily approachable.

Ankush Adwani, Ex-Mastekeer

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Mastek is not a workplace. It is an institution. I'm not an employee. I'm a Mastekeer!

- Neha R. Patwari

We think, share, work, create, deliver and celebrate!
That's Mastek at 'Work'!

- Sunder Subramaniam