About Us

We specialise in building, maintaining and managing bespoke digital solutions for clients in Government, Health, Retail, and, Financial Services. Typically, the applications we build tend to have dynamically evolving requirements that are difficult to pin down and specify clearly, upfront. They also tend to be complex, and sometimes very large, requiring multiple points of integration with the clients' enterprise applications landscape.

To serve our client's diverse needs, we've created dedicated Centres of Excellence (CoE). These CoE are focussed on honing our expertise in Agile Applications Development, Next Generation Service Management, Enterprise Testing, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Digitalisation, Legacy Rejuvenation and Modernisation

We have the innate ability to listen deeply for customer-specific and industry-wide challenges and technology opportunities. We then craft insightful solutions to address these situations, which is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Our customers value our open and collaborative culture, which makes it easier for them to engage with us. Our Project Management methods and techniques have been pressure-tested and honed over hundreds of complex programmes. More recently, we are increasingly focussing on using lean, agile methodologies — not just in application development, but across the entire enterprise.

This unique blend of insightful 'solutioning'; collaboration; and, pressure-tested project management methods has enabled us to deliver an unusually high programme success rate over the past 33 years.

Mastek 4.0

Our latest transformation programme initiated in 2014, Mastek 4.0, has fundamentally changed our structure and practices. It empowers employees across the organisation to deliver innovation and add value; whilst enhancing the engagement with our clients. Early feedback from both Mastekeers and customers ensures that we stay on the right path.

Mastek 4.0 Programme Objectives

  • 100% of our customers should delight in our solutions, such that they advocate us within their network
  • We have an abundance of highly engaged and talented Mastekeers
  • We build a strong reputation in the markets we serve
  • We grow faster than the industry, in a profitable manner
  • We build/harvest IP from our projects and contribute significantly to the Open Source movement
  • We are a role model in Enterprise Agility